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HTML5/CSS3 Demos + Experiments

This is a small demonstration of what can be done with HTML5 and CSS3. Not every technique listed as HTML5 demo is actually part of the HTML5 standard. Geolocation API and File API for example are their very own standards but are often mentioned in connection with HTML5. So they're listed here as well. You can use the code in your projects, all examples are under WTFPL. This showcase is work in progress. More demos will follow soon, so check back often!


Demo Support
contenteditable attribute
Contextmenu Contributed by: Chris
Desktop Notifications
<details> and <summary> element
Drag and Drop
FileAPI + FileReader + Fileupload (using Mozilla's proprietary sendAsBinary())
Geolocation API
Input types + required attribute
localStorage + sessionStorage


Demo Support
calc() function
CSS Card deck with flip effect Mixed CSS techniques
Multiple Background Images
nth-child (even|odd) zebra table